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The Most Innovative Sex Dolls Ever Created

All sexually active adults agree that you cannot understand how difficult it is to reach your sexual climax unless you have a cute sex doll on hand whenever you need him or her. This is true as no person can fully acknowledge the physical and emotional challenges a sexual partner will need to face when dealing with their individual sex drive. According to a recent write up in Maxim, there are also several emotional and physical challenges that a sexually active adult will experience and these must be taken into account for successful orgasms to be reach every time.

According to statistics in 2017 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 1 in 7 sexually active adults are diagnosed with a mental, developmental, or behavioral disorder because they are not getting enough sex in their daily life. So, how can a person be sure that they are providing the most beneficial care for their sex member on a mental or developmental level? Dealing with our hectic schedules, it can be difficult to recognize a sexually active adult’s constantly changing emotions, and this is where the use of an AI sex doll can be arousing and sexually helpful.

According to the sex doll review site, Best Realistic Sex Dolls at http://www.bestrealisticsexdolls.com, in today’s society, artificial intelligence has expanded beyond cars and appliances to the sex doll industry. Researchers have programmed AI algorithms to recognize movements in an individual’s face, capture the facial image using a small camera, and correlate the expression according to an emotion. Basically, this means that the silicone sex doll will be able to determine if a sexually active adult is feeling happy or sad based on their facial movements.

the sex doll everyone wantsPresently, the most advanced artificial intelligence sex doll is able to recognize eight emotions using this programmed AI chip, including happiness, surprise and orgasm. The chip utilizes a small battery and processes all emotion recognition using cloud storage. The average cost of the most basic AI chip is $300 and this includes installation in an artificial intelligence sex doll. According to the project leader of AI doll development at the University of Castilla-La Mancha in Spain, Oscar Deniz, this is not the end but merely the beginning of AI sex doll development.

At the moment, Deniz’s project focuses primarily on processing data using camera imaging rather than microphone; however, it operates with similar functioning. Massimiliano Versace from Boston University states that running computer vision algorithms is significant in various situations; for example, an automated motor vehicle driving at 120 km/hour does not have time to complete all decision-making in the cloud because of insufficient bandwidth. Based on this factor, the vision algorithms need to be conducted and maintained locally.

Versace feels that today’s sex dolls are dumb and tomorrow’s world is one where sex dolls can think for themselves, and this is the same stance Deniz is taking. It seems that artificial intelligence dolls not only read emotion but are open to sexually active adults sharing intimate details about their lives. With the information not being shared or kept in the cloud, there is no fear of privacy concerns regarding data being passed to third-party servers.

As can be seen, the use of artificial intelligence sex dolls is beneficial to help sexually active adults identify their emotions and help build erotic bonds; however, there are several challenges pertaining to these AI dolls. For example, does the use of these types of sex dolls remove the need for a real man or woman and will it stifle the sexually active adult’s ability to create an imaginative world? Only time will tell.

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